Purpose and Task of the Association of Knight's Cross Recipients

1. The Association of Knight's Cross Recipients (AKCR) is the unification of Knight's Cross recipients, and the acknowledgement of exceptional bravery or troop leadership in the face of the enemy. It also unifies distant individuals who contiunously work towards maintaining the traditions and history of the decorations "Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross."

2. The AKCR strives to unite all Knight's Cross recipients within the framework of relief for soldiers and reservists, to maintain affiliations with members of late Knight's Cross recipients in close proximity to the Bundeswehr, and Soldier and Reservist Associations.

To represet and advocate the honor, truth, and rights of all soldiers, their peers and descendents, especially through the research and study to promote the relief for war victims, survivors, the incopacitated, former prisoners, and the welfare of war cemetaries.

To advocate a profound mutual relationship and bond with the former enemys within the framework public awareness and understanding.

To promote the historical and scholarly research and study of war while placing emphasis on the history of the Iron Cross.

To support and promote the activities of the Knight's Cross Relief Society (the social relief work for the DAKC is made possbile by the Knight's Cross Relief Society).

To collect and preserve the material history and disseminate information about the Knight's Cross to official places, governments, and private individuals.

3. The Decorations Association refrains from political activity of any kind.

4. The Association specifically pursues programs for public awareness and educational purposes in accordance with the tax laws and financial governance for non-profit organizational activity. The association is operated independetly and does not pursue economic purposes in its own interest. Association resources may only be used for purposes outlined in the statutes. Members may not obtain access to the association resources. No person shall effect profit from expenditures that lay outside the realm and purpose of the Corporation.