Coburger Abzeichen
(Coburg Badge)

Asterisk denotes if individual carries the Coburger Abzeichen, commemorating the battle on 14-15 Oct 1922, between members of the NSDAP and communists. In long chartered trains, men of the Sturm Abteilung (SA) traveled to the Coburg rally. When they reach Coburg, the "fortress leaders" told them they could not march into the town in formation and with unfurled flags. The Reds were behind it. The Führer (Adolf Hitler) rejected the shameful conditions and announced that he would immediately begin marching in one hundred troops with band music and waving flags. That is what happened as jubilant crowds cheered the young SA that marched into the city. The SA refused to be provoked by shouts of "murderers, bandits, thieves, criminals." However, the SA lost their patience when their comrades were injured by stones. In a furious attack, they drove the Red bandits off the streets, all within a quarter of an hour. The Coburg rally gave the young SA self confidence and faith in the correctness of its leadership. For the first time, people recognized that the National Socialist movement was putting an end to Marxist activity in Germany. Source: Reichsjugendführung, Pimpf im Dienst (Potsdam: Ludwig Voggenreiter Verlag, 1938), p. 7.