Berlin Document Center Series 6500:
SS Lists

The SS Lists consist of sixty volumes of records containing lists of approximately 240,000 named personnel in the Allgemeine- and Waffen-SS. The records are not arranged by names, but by numbered lists (0001 to 7455) which approximate a chronological arrangement. Names of the individuals found in this series are listed in the black-volumed SS name index printed by the BDC. The series contains biographical data, which may or may not duplicate that found in the individual SS personnel files (series SSO and series SSEM).

The lists were created by various SS organizations and vary in format and content. Some lists show the names, ranks, addresses, and occupations of members of specific Allgemeine-SS units. Others consist of correspondence regarding promotions, awards, transfers, or assignment of SS personnel; while others comprise daily orders of Waffen-SS training and replacement units, as for the SS Nachrichten-Ersatzabteilung Nürnberg and SS-Panzergrenadier Ausbildungs und Ersatz Battalion 3.

The lists are reproduced on 26 16mm rolls of BDC accessioned microfilm A3343, rolls SS-A0001 through SS-I0002. Frame numbers are provided at the top of every image.

Of particular note are troop rosters of SS units in Germany, 1933-34 (roll A0001); records that document the assignment of specific categories of SS personnel to concentration camp guard duty and to the 1. SS-Totenkopf-Reiterstandarte, 1939-40 (roll A0004), as well as correspondence on the recruitment and assignment of ethnic German volunteers from resettlement camps, 1941 (roll A0005). Additional records of the SS Nachrichten-Ersatzabteilung and of prewar SS formations are reproduced on National Archives Microfilm Publication T354 and described in Guide No. 27 of the Guides to German Records Microfilmed at Alexandria, Virginia (Washington, DC, 1961).

Roll List for SS Lists, Microfilm Publication A3343-SS- Roll List Numbers:

A0001 0001-0356
A0002 0357-0693
A0003 0694-0994
A0004 0995-1397
A0005 1398-1713
A0006 1714-2077
A0007 2078-2398
A0008 2399-2797
A0009 2798-3185, except for 2946 (see roll A0014)
A0010 3186-3594
A0011 3595-3978
A0012 3979-4326
A0013 4327-4678
A0014 2946, 4679-4954
A0015 4955-5319
A0016 5320-5683
A0017 5684-6059
A0018 6060-6387
A0019 6388-6765
A0020 6766-6867
A0021 6868-7139
A0022 7140-7373
A0023 7374-7455

B001 SS-Stammrollen:

NOTE: The following lists are specific to the topic. Additional lists are available, however, these must be researched since no finding aids are available at this time.

1) Infanterie Nachrichten Ersatz Kompanie der SS Polizei-Division, Waldenburg/Schlesien, 1942. 2) Funksturms des SS-Nachrichtensturmbannes der SS-Verfügungstruppe, 1935-36. 3) Nachrichtenabteilung (Stab), 1939. 4) Nachrichten-Hundertschaft 5. SS T-Standarte (no date). 5) Lazarettabteilung Bayrischzell, 1939-1941. I001 Unsorted SS documents, many from Coburg and Kronach (Obb.), Aschaffenburg, Oberabschnitt Fulda-Werra, Arolsen, and Abschnitt-XXX, Kassel; Totenkopfring awards, etc.

I002 More unsorted SS documents from Kassel, SD-Hauptamt, Berlin, Ansbach, etc.