(SS Civil Badge)

Asterisk denotes if individual was recipient of the
SS-Zivilabzeichen (SS Civic Badge)
SS-Zivilabzeichen (SS Civic Badge)

The SS Zivilabzeichen (SS Civil Badge) was a stick pin authorized for wear only by members of the SS on cilvilan clothing. The Civil Badge was awarded beginning in 1932 and obtained through written request. The criteria was membership in the SS for no less than six months. Two versions were available; one made with non-ferrous metal and one made with silver. After loss, only the silver version could be obtained as a replacement. When awarded, the badge was numbered in order of the award, so that each SS member had the award number entered into his pay book.

Source: SS-Tagesbefehl Nr. 4070 vom 15.01.1936: Richtlinien für die Antragstellung und Verleihung von SS-Zivilabzeichen.