December 2006 "Dieter Stenger offers the fastest and most affordable research services on the Internet. His knowledge of records at National Archives is noteworthy, and he has helped "crack the bank" so to speak, on a number of complex research issues. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs research assistance." Craig Gottlieb

July 2002 "I have found Stenger Historica to be a highly useful place to find both primary-source and secondary-reading guide references along with a good deal of text on twentieth-century military history, particularly German, on which the wealth of the site is altogether admirable." Dr. Russell F. Weigley, Distingusihed University Professor, Temple University, Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy, and author of Eisenhower's Lieutenants and The American Way of War.

May 2002 "For anyone interested in researching the German armed forces, especially during WWII, the web site Stenger Historica is a valuable resource." Dr. Bryan Mark Rigg, author of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military.