Deutsche Afrika Korps (DAK)

DAK#1 (1stGMF ) Captured German document, Principles for Firing Upon Tanks Which Are Difficult to Combat, 20 January 1943. Intended for use with 5-cm Pak 38. Gives instructions on how to destroy various tanks, aiming points, and their silouettes for British MK II Valentine, MK IV Churchill, MK II Matilda, US M3 Lee, and M4 Sherman. 7 pgs, VG. $10.00

DAK#2 (1stGMF) Captured German report from the 5th Tank Regiment, German Armored Tactics in Libya, dated 1941. Includes both regiomental and battalion level tank reports on Tobruk, reoccupation of Halfaya. Includes 1 map. 12 pgs, VG. $15.00

DAK#3 (1stGMF) Military Intelligence Division, Cairo Egypt, 19 Feb 1942, Report on Experiences as a Prisoner of War in Libya by an Escaped British Officer. Interesting report that includes information on German use of artillery, composition of tank force, method of advance, cooperation of air-ground units, bivouac, and rations. 4 pgs, VG. $10.00


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