EF # 1 (1stG PC) Warfare in the North, prepared by Dr. Waldemar Erfurth (General der Infantrie), as German Armed Forces High Command at Finnish Headquarters, 1947.   Finnish and Russian combat methods, organization, and equipment are compared to the German Army.  17 Pgs, w/ one map. VG. $15.00

EF # 2 (1stG PC) Terrain Factors in the Russian Campaign, prepared by General der Infantrie Karl Allmendinger, and other German Officers, 1947.   Describes salient geographic features of areas in European Russia where German Forces fought and how they dealt w/ terrain problems encountered.  33 Pgs, w/ 6 maps and several photos, VG. $25.00

EF # 3 (1stG PC) German Armored Traffic Control During the Russian Campaign, principle author was General Hermann Burkhart Wueller-Hillebrand and General Oskar Munzel, 1947.  32 Pgs, 2 diagrams, and 8maps. VG. $25.00

EF # 4 (1stG PC) German Defense Tactics Against Russian Break-Throughs, by General Erhard Raus, commander of a Panzer Division, 2 Panzer Korps, a Panzer Army, fought with Heeres Gruppe Mitte, and Army Group Weichsel, 1947.  57 Pgs, w/ 13 detailed maps. VG. $35.00

EF # 5 (1stG PC) Operations of Encircled Forces: German Experiences in Russia, by Genearlleutnant Oldwitg von Natzmer, the C-in-C for Army Group Centre, commanded by Field Marshal Ferdinand Schoerner, 1947.  41 Pgs w/ 10 maps. VG.  Discusses tactical and logistical problems encountered by the German Army when encircled, and the impact of Hitler's mandate to "fight to the last man." $30.00

EF # 6 (1stG PC)  Tactics of Mobile Units: Operations of the 5. SS Panzergrenadier Division "Wiking" at ROSTOV and MAIKOP oilfields.  Summer 1942, Parts I-III, by Felix Steiner,  30 pgs w/ 1 map, VG. $20.00

EF # 7 (1stG PC)  Combat in Deep Snow, by Generaloberst Dr. Lothar Rendulic.  Discusses issues on fighting in the winter on the Russian Front, 15 pgs, VG. $15.00

EF # 8 (1stG PC) The Effects of Extreme Cold on Weapons, Wheeled Vehicles and Tracked Vehicles, by Generaloberst Dr. Lothar Rendulic.  3 pgs, VG. $10.00

EF # 9 (1stG PC)  In Snow and Mud: 31 Days of Attack Under Seydlitz During Early Spring of 1942, by General der Infantrie Gustav Höhne.  Winter warfare in the Demjansk area, 17 pgs, VG.  Includes one map. $15.00

EF # 10 (1stG PC)  The 547th  Infantry Regiment: Advance and Fighting Under Winter Conditions (1 Jan -18 Mar 42), by Generalmajor Karl Becher.  Discusses the winter harshness during forced marches and the effect on men and animals, 26 pgs, VG.   Includes an excellent map. $20.00

EF # 11 (3rdG PC)  The Interrelationship Between the Eastern and Western Front, by Generaloberst Heinz Guderian. 33 pgs, VG. $25.00

EF # 12 (2dG MF) How the 'Maxim Gorki' Fort Fell: The Dramatic Fight for the Strongest Fort of Sevastopol, by Dr. A. Haas, War Correspondent, originally published in the Berliner Borsen Zeitung, 3 July 1942. Translated by the Military Intelligence Service on 10-13-42. 5 pgs, VG. $10.00

EF # 13 (2dG MF) Militaerische Correspondenz, dated 17 Aug 1941, by unknown Panzer Division. Discusses Russian prisoners of war within pocket battles. In German. 3 pgs, G. $10.00

EF # 14 (2dG MF) Continuing the Battle in the East: Review of the Military Situation through Oct. 31, 1943, by General Emil Paschak, a.D. Translated from the 'Militaerwissenschaftliche Mitteilung,' dated Nov 1943, 9 pgs, VG. $10.00

EF # 15 (2dG MF) Beispiele russischer Kampftaktik unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Entwicklung der russischen Panzerkampftaktik in der Zeit vom Dezember 1941 bis November 1942, by Oberst Viktor von Quast, i.G., 20 pgs, G. $15.00. Includes 4 maps.

EF # 16 (2dG MF) Übersetzung eines Schreibens des Stellvertreters des Volkskommissars für Verteidigung, by Generalleutenant der Panzertruppen Fedorenko, von Ende Juni 42, 5 pgs, VG $10.00. A short paper discussing the reasons why the commanding officers of the General der Panzertruppen have not mastered the use of tanks in large scale formation (mostly Corps level).

EF # 17 (2dG MF) Durchbruchsangriff des V. russischen Mechanischen Korps am Chir vom 10.-16.12.1942, by Major Heinz Schneider, ehemaliger Gehilfe des 1. Generalstabsoffiziers der 336. Infanterie-Division, 30 pgs, VG. $20.00. Includes three maps.

EF # 18 (2dG MF) Kampf von Panzerverbänden am offenen Flügel im Oktober 1943 in der Ukraine, by Generalmajor Burkhart Müller-Hillebrand, ehemaliger Kommandeur der Panzer-Regiment 24. 35 pgs, VG. $25.00. Includes order of battle and one map.

EF # 19 (2dG MF) Durchbruch russischer Panzerkräfte in Oktober 1944 in Ostpreussen, by the former Generalmajor Erich Dethleffsen, Chef der Generalstabes des A.O.K. 4. 11 pgs, VG, $15.00. Includes 2 large maps.

EF # 20 (2dG MF) Teil II: Deutscher Angriff auf die Shisdra Juli 1942, by the former Generalmajor Erich Dethleffsen, Chef der Generalstabes des A.O.K. 4. 34 pgs, VG, $25.00. Includes 3 oversized maps. This report is recounted through daily diary enteries. Interesting look at Tank-Infantry coordination on the field.

EF # 21 (2dG MF) Teil III: Durchbruch russischer Panzer-Brigaden bei Bely November 1942, by the former Generalmajor Erich Dethleffsen, Chef der Generalstabes des A.O.K. 4. 34 pgs, VG, $25.00. Includes 3 oversized maps. 19 (pages) 2 maps included.

EF # 22 (3dG PC) "Operation Citadel" (Kursk) Eastern Front, 1943, by General der Infanterie Theodor Busse. Super document with 5 chapters including (I) background on war against Soviets up to 1943, strategy, enemy situation; (II) Fourth Panzer Army Attack, July 1944; (III) the Battle Fought by the Second Panzer Army and the Ninth Army in the Orel Bend Between 5 Jul - 18 Aug 1943; (IV) Luftwaffe Participation Around Orel; (V) Luftwaffe Participation. Document rates overall VG and is augmented with over 20 maps (albeit the copy quality is not very good). 105 pages, $55.00.

EF # 23 (3dG PC) Battle of Moscow 1941-1942, by General der Infanterie Hans von Greiffenberg. Outstanding operational survey of Army Group Center w/ reasons for failure. Studies describe actions of individual armored and infantry corps, to include the XLI Panzer Corps and LIII Infantry Corps. Supplemented by study of "Climatic Conditions in the East," Also includes Annex "Moscow," (would the Russian campaign have been concluded if the Moscow had been captured?), by Generaloberst Gunther Blumentritt, Annex "Battle of Moscow during the Winter 1941-1942, by Generaloberst Gunther Blumentritt, and Annex "Operations During the Winter 1941-1942, by Generaloberst Gunther Blumentritt. Includes several tables, overall VG, 158 pgs, $80.00

EF # 24 (3dG PC) The Pomeranian Battle and Command in the East, by Generaloberst Erhard Raus, Army Group Weichsel, 13 Feb 1945. A discussion between General Raus and SS-Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler. Interesting account about how Himmler had previously explained to Hitler how futile the situation really was, only to be called "You defeatist!" Overall VG, 32 pgs, $25.00 includes a glossary and 3 exellent maps.

EF # 25 (3dG PC) Decisions Affecting the Campaign in Russia 1941-1942, by Franz Halder first draft (19 pgs) $15.00, second draft (17 pgs) $15.00. A series of questions submitted to Generaloberst Franz Halder, former Chief of General Staff at Oberkommando des Heeres (OKH). Sold together for $25.00.


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