Italien Front

IC # 1 (2ndG PC) War Diary of the Italien Campaign-Cassino, by General der Panzertruppen  Frido v. Senger und Etterlin, written in 1953, containing 9 chapters that includes diary entries from the XIV Panzer Korps, covering the fighting arlong the Gustav Line and the Cassino Front!  210 pgs, VG.  This is an absolute must for all the Italian campaign enthusiasts.  $120.00

IC # 2 (1stG PC) Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 100 (5. Geb.Div.) in den Cassino-Schlachten Dezember 1943-Februar 1944, by Generalmajor Anton Glasl. German version, includes transportation to the Italian front from the East, the operational area of Abruzzen, preparation of headquarters, order of battle and assignments, battle diary, from 22.12.43 - 9.1.44, and the preparation of the "Gustav Line." 11 pgs includes 1 map, VG. $15.00


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