Manuscripts, Essays, and Oral Histories

MS # 1  John 'Jack' M. Roberts: Survival in the Battle of the Bulge, In Memory of Tom Dailey, XO, CCR, 7th Armored Division, by D. Stenger, 1999.  This article is about the C Battery of the 592d FAB, 106th Infantry Division.   Personal story of survival in the bulge.  9 pgs.  Sold with photograph COPIES (b&w).  $10.00

MS # 2  MacArthur's Lost Victories in Korea: U.S. Army Operational Envelopment Failures, by D. Stenger, 1997.  12 pgs.   $15.00

MS # 3  A Study of Naval Theory in the Atlantic during World War II: The Theory of Mahan and the Carrier Escort Doctrine, by D. Stenger, 1997. 19 pgs.  $15.00

MS # 4  Battle Analysis, The Battle of St. Vith, by D. Stenger, 1996, c. 30 pgs.  $20.00

MS # 5  U.S. Land and Carriers Based Aircraft in the Pacific:   A Study of Tactical Supremacy, 1941-1945, by D Stenger, 1996.   20 pgs.  $15.00

MS # 6  Direct. Indirect, and Close-Fire Support: Employment of the Amphibian Tractor in the Korean War, by D. Stenger, 1996.  12 pgs.  $15.00

MS # 7 The Success of Communist Revolutionary Warfare in Vietnam, by D. Stenger, 1995. 21 pgs.  $20.00

MS # 8 Mobility, Combined Arms, and Offensive Doctrine: A Comparison of German, French, anf British Armored Warfare Between 1919-1942, by D. Stenger, 1993.  15 pgs.  $15.00

MS # 9 An oral history from a former Bannsportführerin from the Bund Deutscher Mädels (BDM).  Very interesting translation of a BDM members recollection of her activities from the age of 10-16, and her subsequent incarceration at the end of the war by Russian and Czech troops.  Both languages available, please specify.  Translated by D. Stenger, 1999, 3 pgs in English, 4 pgs in German.  $10.00

MS # 10 Red Sun (Operation Rösselsprung), the airborne raid by SS-Fallschrimjäger to capture Tito in Yugoslovia, by Charles Melson. Academic manuscript, 34 pgs, free electronic copy available upon request.

ES # 1  Issues for Consideration - Clausewitz and Absolute War.  During WWII, what German center of gravity did the U.S. attack? What Japanese center(s) of gravity did the U.S. attack? Where those centers of gravity obvious at the beginning of the war or did their identification develop over time? Were they correct? Essay, by D. Stenger, 1997.  5 pgs.  $10.00

ES # 2  Issues for Consideration - Land War Theorists.  In the Second World War, the Allied attack of Italy itself has many elements of the indirect approach. If you use what Liddell Hart argued, why would he have said that it would not have been an effective indirect approach? What about attacks up the "boot?" Were they unsuccessful applications of the indirect approach?   Essay, by D. Stenger, 1997.  3 pgs. E $10.00 


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