Miscellaneous Documents

ETHNIT-20 (3dG PC) Hitler's Conduct of the War, by Rittmeister Wilhelm Scheidt, 8 pgs, VG, $10.00

MS # 1 (1stG PC) Battles of the Remagen Bridgehead (9-22 March 1945), by General der Infantry Gustav von Zangen, written 25 April 1948, outlining the order of battle, and has one appendix written by Brandenberger. 27 pgs, G.  $20.00

MS # 2 (1stG PC)  Officer Procurement in the Waffen-SS; Reception, Processing, and Training, by Generalmajor der Waffen-SS Werner Dörffler-Schuband, 9 pgs, VG.  Subjects of recruiting and political orientation have been obmitted in this report.  Study deals with conditions during the last year of the war, from April 1944 to April 1945.  $10.00

MS # 3 (1stG PC)  Unification or Coordination: The Armed Forces Problem, by General Heinz Guderian w/  remarks by Generaloberst Franz Halder. 24 pgs, VG.  This report deals with issues of the high command.  Good background information on pre-WWI Germany.  $20.00

MS # 4 (1stG PC)  Fast Mobile and Armored Troops, by General der Panzertruppen Hasso von Manteuffel.  An absolute must for combined arms and mobile warfare nuts!  Prepared 24 Nov 1945.  15 pgs, VG.  $20.00

MS # 5 (1stG PC)  Representation of Armored Interests 1938-1945, by Generaloberst Heinz Guderian.  A definitive study on the armored forces and the leadership.  This report covers the development of the Panzer Truppen up to 1938, the Chief of the Mobile Troops, the organization of the Panzer Command during wartime, the Inspector General of the Panzer Truppen, panzer operations at Kursk, Kiev, and the defense against the Allied invasion in the West, technical improvements and innovations, panzergrenadier divisions, coordination with the Luftwaffe, schools and regulations. 24 pgs, VG. $20.00

MS # 6 (2dG MF) Anti-Aircraft Intelligence Summary, from the British war office, dated 20 July 1942. Covers all flak types, ie.heavy, medium, and light, searchlights. Interesting non-german positions.

MS # 7 (1stG PC) Denkschrift Feldjägerkommando, by ehemaliger General der Flieger, zuletzt Befehlshaber Feldjägerkommando III, Wilhelm Speidel, Kurze Denkschrift über meine Aufgae uind Tätigkeit als Befehlshaber Feldjägerkommando III von Mitte März 1945 bis Ende Juni 1945. Includes oganizational history and purpose, activities and operational employment, leadership, and conclusions. 22 pgs, VG. $20.00

MS # 8 (1stG PC) Translation of interview with Lieutenant General Heinz Gaedcke, former Chief of Staff for General Balck, who gained considerable experience on the Russian Front. Later served in the Bundeswehr. 31 pages, VG, $25.00.

MS # 9 (3dG PC) Interrogation of General Franz Halder at Neustadt 27 Oct 1947, by LtCol de Cosse Brissac, Professor of History, French Superior War School, 20 pgs, VG, $15.00

MS# 10 (2dG MF) The German Volksstrumn 1944-1945, by Generalmajor Hans Kissel, 34 pgs, includes list of abbreviations, VG, $25.00

MS# 11 (2dG MF) The Waffen SS Junkerschule Toelz, Seventh Army Interrogations Center, 13 Jul 45, RG 238, M1270, Roll 31, VG, 12 pgs, $15.00. Sources of Information: SS-Brigadefuehrer (BGen) Werner Doerffler-Schuband and SS-Brigadefuehrer (BGen) Gottfried Klingemann.

MS# 12 (2dG MF) Observations on Artillery Employment, Seventh Army Interrogations Center, Consolidated Interrogation Report, 25 Jun 45, RG 238, M1270, Roll 31, VG, 7 pgs, $10.00. Sources of Information: SS-Gruppenfuehrer (MajGen) Walter Staudinger, MajGen (BGen) Max Winkler, Gen d. Artillerie Freiherr Rudolf von Roman, and GenLt (MajGen) Helmut Huffman

MS# 13 (2dG PC) SS-Werfer-Abteilung 502, by various unit members, includes Kriegstagebuch Nr. 1 SS-Werfer-Abteilung 102, from 8 Feb 1943 to 27 Jan 1944, After action report of the Werfergruppe Krosta, SS-Werfer-Abteilung 102, concerning the combat operations during its attachment to the Kampfgruppe SS-Pz.Div. "Das Reich," from 24 Dec 1943 to 13 Apr 1944, Kriegstagebuch Nr. 2 SS-Werfer-Abteilung 102, from 24 Jan 1944 to 20 Sep 1944 (missing last two pages 70 and 71), SS-Werfergruppe "Nickmann," dated 8 Oct 1944. Three poor quality maps, 79 pages total. $35.00

MS# 14 (2dG PC) Technical Inmformation on Tabun and Sarin, IG Farbenindustrie AG, Frankfort/Main, Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee, 8 June 1945, 20 pgs, VG, $15.00.


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