Battle Series-
Die Normandie Front

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ETHNIT-13 (3dG PC) Panzer Tactics in Normandy, by General der Panzertruppen Geyr von Schweppenburg, 7 pgs, VG, $10.00.

ETHNIT-17 (3dG PC) 116 Panzer Division in Normandy, by Generalleutnant Gerhard Graf von Schwerin, covers organization and initial commitment, fighting near Percy, fighting near St. Pois, the US push on Mortain, Avranches counterattack, German failure at Avranches, and the later fighting by the division. 14 pgs, VG, $15.00.

ETHINT-28 (3dG PC) The Invasion and the German Navy, an Interview of Grossadmirals Karl Dönitz and Gerhard Wagner, VG, 8 pgs, $10.00

ETHINT-30 (3dG PC) From the Invasion to the Ruhr; Eastern vs. Western Fronts, High Level Strategy, by Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, VG, 26 pgs; $20.00

NFD # 1 (1stG PC) Der Einsatz der 12.SS-Panzerdivision "Hitler Jugend" während der Invasionskämpfe in Frankreich von Juni bis September 1944, by Oberstleutnant der Hubert Meyer, Generalmajor Kurt Meyer, Major Hans Siegel, Oberstleutnant Goericke, Oberstleutnant Kolb, u. Oberstleutnant Kugler. Rates only G, some copy inconsistancies, 98 pgs, inlcudes 11 maps, and order of battle. $ 55.00 (German language).

NFD # 2 (1stG PC) Gefechtsbericht der 9.SS-Panzer-Division "Hohenstaufen" von 3. Juli bis 24. Julin 1944, von Generalmajor Stadler. 14 pags, with comments by Leo Freiherr Geyr von Schweppenburg. Report qualified as first class. Rates VG, (German language) $15.00

NFD # 3 (2dG PC)17. Panzer-Grenadier-Division "Goetz von Berlichingen" Juni bis September 1944, by Oberstleutnant der Waffen-SS a.D. Kurt Hallwachs and a forward by Generalmajor Alfred Toppe, a.D.  Attempted reconstructioon of the division's war diary aropund the time of the Normandy Invasion.  11 pgs, VG. (German language)  $15.00. Also available on CD-ROM in PDF format.

NFD # 4 (1stG PC) Die 10. SS Panzer-Division "Frundsberg" im Einsatz von Juni bis November 1944, by the Ehemaliger Kommandeur der 10. SS Panzer-Division, Generalmajor a.D. der Waffen-SS Heinz Harmel, (deseased Sept 2000), and in conjunction with Generalleutnent a.D. Friedrich Sixt. German version, including the operational employment of the division at Normandy around Caen, Falaise, Belgium, Holland, and finally on German soil along the Roer front. Contains over 44 maps. 207 pgs, VG. $150.00

NFD # 5 (2dG MF) Einsatz der 9.Panzerdivision vom 24.7.-4.9.1944, by Generalleutnant Erwin Jolasse. German language document about the commitment of the 9.Pz Div. at Normandy. Includes table of organization. VG, 8 pgs, $10.00

NFD # 6 (2dG MF) Einsatz der 9.Panzerdivision im Oktober und November 1944, by Generalleutnant Erwin Jolasse. German language document about the commitment of the 9.Pz Div. south of Aachen, Düren, Bühl, Arnheim, west of Venlo and between Würm and the Roer. Includes 19 maps and 3 table of organization. VG, 62 pgs, w/ 62 pages additional attachments (KTB) enteries $70.00

NFD # 7 (2dG MF) From the Invasion to the Siegfried Line, by General der Artillerie Walter Warlimont, 52 pgs, VG, $$35.00

NFD # 8 (2dG MF) II. Fallschirmjäger Korps in Nothern France, 20 July to 14 September 1944, by Eugen Meindl, 54 pgs, G, $35.00

NFD # 9 (2dG MF) LVIII (88th) Panzerkorps in Normandy, Part I: Battles of Normandy and Nothern France, by Gen Dingler, 8 pgs, VG, $10.00

NFD # 10 (2dG MF) Battles and Movements of the II.SS-Panzerkorps from 24 July to September 1944, by General der Waffen-SS Wilhelm Bittrich, 18 pgs, VG, $15.00.

NFD # 11 (2dG MF) Movement and Commitment of the 116th Pz Div from the Falaise Pocket to the Westwall, 21 Aug to 19 September 1944, by Generalmajor Voigtsberger, 24 pgs, VG, $20.00

NFD # 12 (2dG MF) Commitment of the 275th Infantriedivision from 20 August -4 September 1944, by Generalleutnant Hans Schmidt, 23 pgs, VG, $20.00

NFD # 13 (2dG MF) Report of the 18th Luftwaffe Fielddivision Whilst Retiring to the Mons Area, 18 Aug-3 September 1944, by Generalleutnant Joachim v. Treskow, 21 pgs, VG, $20,.00

NFD # 14 (2dG MF) The 47th Infantrydivision in Nothern France, 26 Aug to 4 Sep 1944, by Generalmajor Karl Wahle, 26 pgs, VG, $20.00

NFD #15 (2dG MF) Route of Withdrawal II. Fallschirmjäger-Korps in Nothern France, September 1944, by General Eugen Meindl, 8 pgs, VG, $10.00

NFD #16 (2dG MF) The 6th Parachute Division during the Withdrawal through Nothern France, by Generalmajorj Heyking, 19 pgs, VG, $15.00


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